I actually did this in 2010 for my digital drawing class. But it wasn't finished.
So sometimes last month, when I was organized the files in my computer, 
I found this unfinished drawing of my little brother and decided to continue worked on it.

Right below this was the final drawing, and the picture of my little bro

And these pictures below, were the progress.
The first drawing was my unfinished drawing from my class.

It's me!

Drew this for my biography doodle for the One Drop comic project..
But ended up using it for my blog profile picture and gmail too!

Retreat Flyer

My friend was asking me if I could help out, making a flyer for our Catholic Fellowship Group retreat in this coming November. 
I said, "right O!" even though I actually didn't know the theme or everything about this retreat, or  if he has any standard requirement for the flyer.
After I heard the theme, I spent some time thought about what should I draw..
Since I'm not that comfortable at making shapes.. I decided to draw people (the only thing I'm very comfortable in). But again, what should I make them do?
I took a piece of paper, and scribble on it.. After sometimes, I ended up draw the boy, then the girl, a blackboard, and a teacher. Then playing around with the "what should they be doing?" and "what inside the blackboard?"
After I got the fix idea, I headed to computer lab at my school and drew in photoshop for about 2.5 hours.. And this is the result (below).
So, that's the short story of how this drawing born..

My friends were getting married on August, last month. Both, the groom and the bride, are my friends.
The bride, her name is Henny, wanted to give a surprise for her husband during the wedding reception.
The surprise was about things that she likes or dislikes from him (the husband),
but she will love him till they are getting old
It was a thoughtful and sweet surprise.
I just helped her out, made some drawings for the surprise. 
and here are just some of the drawings I made..

I was a bit stressed out and tired of drawing since yesterday
When I was checking out my files on my computer, 
I found this file, a statue and Jesus Christ behind it.

This was used for the T-shirt design of Catholic event, 
which was held in last summer 2011 
(the final design of the T-shirt: only statue, no Christ on the back)

Oh well, I was a bit crazy.. 
so I played around with photoshop, and attached my picture on top of it..
Just for fun....
It helped me refresh my brain, since I looked so weird on it..
the proportion is VERY OFF!!

After the Rain

Saw this girl at RPAC (Recreation & Physical Activity Center).
It was right after the thunderstorm, and I saw this girl ran toward her friend outside RPAC.
Unfortunately she didn't watch carefully her surrounding, 
so she stepped on a big puddle of water..


That time I was at my friend's house and playing XBox Kinect with my friends.
We played the dance game
When we were dancing, suddenly my friend left the game for a second, and kicking my other friend who were taking video of us dancing.
It was such a fun crazy day..

School's Works

These are some of my projects from School. 

This one was my final project from my photography 2 class.
The box was made from foam core. The rest from papers, and clay. 
The balloons were photographs taken by me when I went for badminton tournament in Purdue, Indiana
I attached the balloons and the foam core with wires.

This one was from my drawing class. It's done in charcoal on paper

This one done in graphite pencil on paper

Done in Acrylic on illustration board
A painting of my little brother.. :)

This was a Book Project for my Photography 2 class,
I made a map of my home country, and the islands became a book.
The map was made from cardboard, covered with blue papers.
The books' cover was from foam core. The books' pages from papers.

This is a picture of badminton men's singles player, Taufik Hidayat, from my home country.
Done in pastel pencils on color paper.


A bunch of sketches from my sketchbooks.
Most of them were drawn at coffee shop.
Some drew at school, library, and OSU campus area.

"Let's make an Art!!"

I made this sculpture for my beloved sister,  Kartika Mediani
She is an awesome artist and my best friend..

She said she has a monster in her head, that always telling her what to think and do..
That's why I made a sculpture of her with the monster..

In here, my sis gives an angry look toward her monster,  because she paints on my sister's face..

This figurine's height is around 5 inches (around 5.75 inches with base)
I used wire and aluminium foil for the frame, then cover with super sculpey.
Then painted it with acrylic.
It took me around 1.5 months to finish this
(Have to learn to work faster.. >__<)

"It's Tea Time"

This picture is for a good friend of mine..
                                                   She is going back to Japan for good.. :(
And I know she likes to drink tea.. 
So I drew her enjoying the summer time,
by having picnic and drinking tea with our badminton friends..
And use this picture for the front page of her card..

Saw this kid when I was at coffee shop doing my homework.. 
I thought he was pretty cool and kinda mature for his age 
(I guessed he was around 10-12 years of age)
So I decided to draw him.. :)

Enjoy The Nice Weather

I saw this lady walking with her dogs, when I went to Bexley area during my spring break time..
She really caught my attention since her dress matched with her dogs fur..
It was really a nice weather that time, even almost felt like summer already..
Done in photoshop CS4