Birthday Card for Friends

Made birthday cards for my friends birthday on 1st and 2nd of August, with their faces on them.

Different Style Approach

Was trying to try to be more abstract, cubism, and simple. But not so much different yet (not extreme enough).
Then try simple realistic approach for fun

Picture of the guy i found in here:

Very good website, and full of interesting people with characters. Thanks Scott Schuman for found and created the website!

Icon Design for A Friend

I helped my friend's friend to design an icon for his business. 
He would like to update his business icon, and asked me to design a lock or a man as the icon, in similar style as the previous one (first picture).
The two black and white were my finalized idea as the icon (after brain storming and had not showed it to him yet). 
And the color one was the real finalized design after got all the feed back and approval from him.

* logo on each character has been hidden purposely (including in the previous icon)