I actually did this during my summer break a year ago.. But I only painted them last week..
These are characters from Slam Dunk manga and anime by Japanese artist, Takehiko Inoe. I really love this anime, because I can learn how to shoot with one hand from this comic book (volume 22). Besides, this comic is humorous (especially the red head guy) and have very good illustrations... It makes me feel I'm part of them every time I read this comic..
The red head guy (Sakuragi) dislikes the black hair guy (Rukawa), since Rukawa is a very talented basketball player and famous among girls (including the girl Sakuragi has crush on).
In this sculpture, I made Sakuragi bullying Rukawa, by painted the bomb he has, looks like basketball..
These were done on Sculpey soft, a piece of board, and unused badminton string. Painted with acrylic..