School's Works

These are some of my projects from School. 

This one was my final project from my photography 2 class.
The box was made from foam core. The rest from papers, and clay. 
The balloons were photographs taken by me when I went for badminton tournament in Purdue, Indiana
I attached the balloons and the foam core with wires.

This one was from my drawing class. It's done in charcoal on paper

This one done in graphite pencil on paper

Done in Acrylic on illustration board
A painting of my little brother.. :)

This was a Book Project for my Photography 2 class,
I made a map of my home country, and the islands became a book.
The map was made from cardboard, covered with blue papers.
The books' cover was from foam core. The books' pages from papers.

This is a picture of badminton men's singles player, Taufik Hidayat, from my home country.
Done in pastel pencils on color paper.

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