I actually did this in 2010 for my digital drawing class. But it wasn't finished.
So sometimes last month, when I was organized the files in my computer, 
I found this unfinished drawing of my little brother and decided to continue worked on it.

Right below this was the final drawing, and the picture of my little bro

And these pictures below, were the progress.
The first drawing was my unfinished drawing from my class.

It's me!

Drew this for my biography doodle for the One Drop comic project..
But ended up using it for my blog profile picture and gmail too!

Retreat Flyer

My friend was asking me if I could help out, making a flyer for our Catholic Fellowship Group retreat in this coming November. 
I said, "right O!" even though I actually didn't know the theme or everything about this retreat, or  if he has any standard requirement for the flyer.
After I heard the theme, I spent some time thought about what should I draw..
Since I'm not that comfortable at making shapes.. I decided to draw people (the only thing I'm very comfortable in). But again, what should I make them do?
I took a piece of paper, and scribble on it.. After sometimes, I ended up draw the boy, then the girl, a blackboard, and a teacher. Then playing around with the "what should they be doing?" and "what inside the blackboard?"
After I got the fix idea, I headed to computer lab at my school and drew in photoshop for about 2.5 hours.. And this is the result (below).
So, that's the short story of how this drawing born..