Trying to do more realistic digital painting. 
The left one is the source picture I used and found it from the internet.

Lady in Black

This painting is based on a photograph of a lady that I see in The Sartorialist site. 
I am trying to learn about lighting, since I am still not good with that, and at the same time trying to approach using different style and brush. 
However, it doesn't turn out as what I expected at all.
I am not satisfied at all with how it turns out, but I just post it anyway..
I figure I just have to paint more, and take point what is not working well for me from the making of the painting.

Bad Mood - Newspaper man

This face came up when I was doodling faces. But as I drew the body, I ended up confused what pose should I pick. After some thought, a newspaper boy profession suited him quite well. He was just a mean newspaper man, that would happily hit people or any creatures with the newspaper in his hand if you disturbed or looking at him.. :D
Gosh, what happen with my brain?? lol

All the coloring is mostly from food (fruits, grain, bread) textures.

I realize I'm still not good with lighting, perspective, and drawing more realistic style human.
My sister told me about The Sartorialist, a blog about people.
I picked the one picture of a woman, and try to draw based on it.

And here is the one without out line 

Little Creature - Line Drawing

A finish line drawing of my current own project.
I am quite happy with how it turns out so far.
Though the snake/dragon face somehow reminds me of night fury (not in purpose). - _ -

Get a Cup of Coffee

This illustration was inspired by a man I saw in a coffee shop. He bought two coffees, one for him and one for his friend and I thought he has an interesting head shape. :)
Special thanks to Kartika Mediani and my friends for the input.. :) 

"Hail to The Anchor"

The concept behind this illustration is just for fun. The three of them can be stupid yet respect their ships so much (by show it to the anchor).
I style I chose is a sticker/ paper put on top of the water color paper, but everything is done in photoshop.

Me in Tetrad Color Scheme Part 2

This time I make my eyes as thin as possible. I guess this is what my friends see whenever I laugh! :D
This time I used purple, blue, orange and yellow for the color scheme.

Me in Tetrad Color Scheme

Whenever I smile, especially for pictures, my friends like to tease me by saying "open your eyes, Anni" 
This is a simple drawing of me (just for fun), hold my eyes to open as wide as I could. :)

Yogurt Cup - 3D

I helped my roommate for her group project. The project was making a new branding reposition product. She and her partner chose fage yogurt for their product. I helped doing the Hercules sketches, modeled and textured the yogurt cup and the granola. I you want to see more of the design, please visit Heidy's website 

3D Computer animation 1 _ mouse - images & Kitchen

These are couple images from my 3d computer animation 1 final project. I made a mouse. My teacher help me the skeleton, and I mostly do the weight skinning part. It was my first time animating in 3d maya. I redo the walk cycle 3 times. It didn't turn out so good as I expected, but much better than the 1st and 2nd attempt..

For my kitchen room, I apologize for not able to give better image, though I have fixed it. The rendering process took me more than couple days and it didn't go any where nearly done. So I decided to cancel the rendering.
This is the same image as I posted before, just a bit brighter.

Kitchen (Computer Animation 1, 1st project)

I make a kitchen for my Computer Animation 1 1st project. I found a picture on the internet and I fell in love with it right away. I add and reduce some stuffs from the picture, but overall my kitchen was inspired by that picture.
I like what I had so far, but I will make some changes..
These are the pictures:

And this is the picture from the internet:

Birthday Card for friend

Yesterday was my friend's birthday. He loves badminton.
And this idea (a bird gives a shuttlecock to him) popped out immediately.. 
The bird make a shuttlecock from his own feathers. 
But no worries, in reality people won't take whole feather or the birds. 
Only from the left wing.

Again, I just exaggerate and being mean.. :P


Based on a conversation I had with my roommate, Heidy, with an exaggeration. :)

3D Class

This semester I take 3d computer animation I. We use maya software and a little bit of z-brush.
Right now, the project is to make a room.
I picked kitchen for my room.
This is the stove I've made recently..

Yesterday evening, my roommate out of no where saying that she feels like a carrot.