Me in Tetrad Color Scheme Part 2

This time I make my eyes as thin as possible. I guess this is what my friends see whenever I laugh! :D
This time I used purple, blue, orange and yellow for the color scheme.

Me in Tetrad Color Scheme

Whenever I smile, especially for pictures, my friends like to tease me by saying "open your eyes, Anni" 
This is a simple drawing of me (just for fun), hold my eyes to open as wide as I could. :)

Yogurt Cup - 3D

I helped my roommate for her group project. The project was making a new branding reposition product. She and her partner chose fage yogurt for their product. I helped doing the Hercules sketches, modeled and textured the yogurt cup and the granola. I you want to see more of the design, please visit Heidy's website 

3D Computer animation 1 _ mouse - images & Kitchen

These are couple images from my 3d computer animation 1 final project. I made a mouse. My teacher help me the skeleton, and I mostly do the weight skinning part. It was my first time animating in 3d maya. I redo the walk cycle 3 times. It didn't turn out so good as I expected, but much better than the 1st and 2nd attempt..

For my kitchen room, I apologize for not able to give better image, though I have fixed it. The rendering process took me more than couple days and it didn't go any where nearly done. So I decided to cancel the rendering.
This is the same image as I posted before, just a bit brighter.