Lady in Black

This painting is based on a photograph of a lady that I see in The Sartorialist site. 
I am trying to learn about lighting, since I am still not good with that, and at the same time trying to approach using different style and brush. 
However, it doesn't turn out as what I expected at all.
I am not satisfied at all with how it turns out, but I just post it anyway..
I figure I just have to paint more, and take point what is not working well for me from the making of the painting.

Bad Mood - Newspaper man

This face came up when I was doodling faces. But as I drew the body, I ended up confused what pose should I pick. After some thought, a newspaper boy profession suited him quite well. He was just a mean newspaper man, that would happily hit people or any creatures with the newspaper in his hand if you disturbed or looking at him.. :D
Gosh, what happen with my brain?? lol

All the coloring is mostly from food (fruits, grain, bread) textures.

I realize I'm still not good with lighting, perspective, and drawing more realistic style human.
My sister told me about The Sartorialist, a blog about people.
I picked the one picture of a woman, and try to draw based on it.

And here is the one without out line